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Can you imagine a window without reflection? Or a surface that never scratches?

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Our mission is to completely control reflection and totally eliminate surface degradation.

Optitune nano-engineered coatings are designed to improve the durability, optical qualities and the sustainability of glass, plastic, and metal surfaces.

With environmentally thoughtful and rigorously managed chemistry, we are on an exciting mission to see beyond the ordinary...

Great Chemistry

At Optitune, our scientists explore beyond the surface to engineer chemical technologies that have a wide variety of applications, improving our daily lives in vital and often invisible ways. We can tune the molecular structure of our nano-coatings to suit your requirements across a wide variety of industries and applications.

Focused on you

Focused on you whether you need a new material, help with developing an existing material or simply access to world class synthesis and testing facilities then please get in touch, you can be assured of a friendly and attentive Scandinavian welcome.

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See Beyond

Optitune chemists and engineers are a determined team,
intent on pushing the boundaries of possibility in terms of light
transmission, surface management and durability.

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