Optitune is offering its clients patented technology build on years of scientific excellence, tailored Research and Development services and full solution of coating process engineering and implementation in production

We have developed ultra-thin nanocoatings for metal, glass and plastic surfaces based on our proprietary polysiloxane technology. Optitune’s nanocoatings remain invisible to the naked eye, while providing best-in-class performance. The introduction of improved surface solutions in applications such as consumer electronics, home appliances, kitchen sinks and kitchen accessories, industrial applications like HVAC can significantly increase the life cycle of these products and provide end user with clear values: durability, sustainability, and long-lasting visual beauty.

Optitune chemists and engineers are a determined team, intent on pushing the boundaries of possibility in terms of surface management, light transmission and durability.  Optitune’s patent-protected product portfolio includes flexible plastic hard coats, metal and glass coatings, light management, and optoelectronics materials.  The nano-engineered optical coatings are developed and produced at Optitune’s facility in Oulu, Finland. Optitune’s sales team is located in Asia and Europe. 





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    Optitune Oy - Nanotechnology for anti-reflective anti-scratch and anti-glare industrial coatings