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Today’s Functional Automotive surfaces need to protect, interact and react.

A modern car is a travelling computer, processing data in motion, protecting occupants in comfort whilst achieving the purpose of travel... effortlessly, safely and sustainably.

  • 1

    Windscreen: Reduce eyestrain with anti reflective windscreen

    View ARX
  • 2

    Windscreen: Embed a head up display

    View LIC
  • 3

    Dashboard: Anti reflective instruments

    View FleXAR
  • 4

    Dashboard: Abrasion resistant and easy-to-clean touch screen

    View FleXHC
  • 5

    Undercarriage: Low friction contaminant protection for battery technology

    View TPD400
  • 6

    Sunroof: Lightweight polycarbonate glazing protection

    View FleXHC
  • 7

    Windscreen: Hydrophobic, easy clean windscreen

    View TPD500
  • 8

    Door panels: Replace wiring with embedded light guide technology

    View LIC
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