Optitune successfully completes its 5M growth financing round

Optitune Oy - Nanotechnology for anti-reflective anti-scratch and anti-glare industrial coatings

Oulu, Finland: Optitune, one of the world’s most innovative nanocoating companies, based in Oulu Finland and operating globally, has successfully closed its latest growth financing round through Springvest Oyj. Optitune raised the full 5M EUR requested nearly a week before the deadline.

“We could not be more excited and humbled by the interest of the Finnish public,” says Jody Paulus, Optitune’s CEO. “We have really exciting plans to invest in our capabilities to assist clients with applying our coatings in mass production, which will fuel our growth over the next years”

“Optitune funding round was built on a clear need for investment to enable the company to continue its fast growth. Investors were interested in growth leap potential, cooperation with the global manufacturers of consumer goods as well as in multiple application areas of Optitune product enabling scaling of business on a high level,” says Päivi Malinen, CEO at Springvest Oyj.

“Optitune has indeed made several partnerships with well-known, industry-leading brands”, Jody Paulus adds, “Few other coating companies are innovating at the pace and with the successes that Optitune has and with this additional investment we can fast track our road to mass adoption in several industries.”

Optitune Oy has developed ultra-thin nanocoatings for metal, glass and plastic surfaces based on its proprietary polysiloxane technology. Optitune´s nanocoatings remain invisible to the naked eye, while providing best-in-class performance. The introduction of improved surface solutions in applications such as consumer electronics, home appliances, kitchen sinks and kitchen accessories can significantly increase the life cycle of these products and provide end user with clear values: durability, sustainability, and long-lasting visual beauty.

Optitune chemists and engineers are a determined team, intent on pushing the boundaries of possibility in terms of light transmission, surface management, and durability. Optitune’s patent-protected product portfolio includes flexible plastic hard coats, metal and glass coatings, light management, and optoelectronics materials. The nano-engineered optical coatings are developed and produced at Optitune’s facility in Oulu, Finland. Optitune’s sales team is located in Asia and Europe. For further information please visit: www.optitune.com

Springvest Oy, founded in 2012, is a financier company for Finnish start-up businesses. They are a trusted partner for start-up companies whose products and services make the world a better place. Springvest offers funding and opportunities to invest in unlisted companies that would otherwise be out of reach. Before, investing into promising start-ups was possible only for large capital owners, but since the founding of Springvest, investing into unlisted companies has been made more approachable. Springvest has a success rate of 100 % for its funding rounds, gathering more than 200 MEUR for its partners. For further information please visit: https://www.springvest.fi/

November 21st 2022
Jody Paulus, CEO
Optitune Oy
Mobile: +358 40 661 4656
Email: jody.paulus@www.optitune.com