Optitune and VTT collaboration for improving technological ecosystem

Optitune and VTT collaboration for improving technological ecosystems

Oulu, Finland: Optitune and VTT have collaborated successfully for the last three years within the frame of PrintoCent pilot factory project at the VTT premises in Oulu. Optitune and VTT have a long history of cooperation in R&D.

VTT as part of the PrintoCent industry cluster offers its community of highly innovative companies opportunities for mass production close to European markets . The VTT’s roll-to-roll lines enable, for example, pilot production of innovative flexible materials coated with Optitune sustainable nanocoatings to meet even the most challenging customer needs. Such materials are in high demand by mobile and consumer electronics industry. Bringing production closer to European markets simplifies the supply chain and makes it more sustainable and environmentally friendly on the long run.

“VTT, with their long-standing reputation in applied research and commercialisation of highly innovative solutions, is a long-term collaboration partner for Optitune to meet market demands and fulfil them with new innovative production solutions. VTT pilot roll-to-roll line has been actively used by Optitune engineers for the last couple of years within successful customer projects on foldable mobile displays. Easy-to-reach pilot line and excellent cooperation practices enabled delivery of agreed milestones to Optitune customer”, says Ari Kärkkäinen, CTO at Optitune Oy.

“Optitune has developed a range of siloxane-based coating products which are designed to improve performance of plastic, metal and glass surfaces. The ultra-thin robust coatings make surfaces easy-to-clean, highly durable and optically perfect. Optitune’s coatings portfolio covers applications ranging from electronic displays and touch panels to home appliances and kitchen accessories.”

“The close and long-term collaboration between Optitune and VTT has generated great progress in the development of roll-to-roll pilot production method for Optitune’s innovative nanocoatings”, says Markus Tuomikoski, Research Team Leader of Printocent pilot factory.

“Collaboration with Optitune is excellent example how PrintoCent helps companies to boost new business development by providing easy access to pilot manufacturing resources from pilot production to early market trials”, says Satu Väinämö, Director of Printocent

Optitune Oy has developed ultra-thin nanocoatings for metal, glass and plastic surfaces based on its proprietary polysiloxane technology. Optitune´s nanocoatings remain invisible to the naked eye, while providing best-in-class performance. The introduction of improved surface solutions in applications such as consumer electronics, home appliances, kitchen sinks and kitchen accessories can significantly increase the life cycle of these products and provide end users with clear values: durability, sustainability, and long-lasting visual beauty.

Optitune chemists and engineers are a determined team, intent on pushing the boundaries of possibility in terms of light transmission, surface management, and durability. Optitune’s patent-protected product portfolio includes flexible plastic hard coats, metal and glass coatings, light management, and optoelectronics materials. The nano-engineered optical coatings are developed and produced at Optitune’s facility in Oulu, Finland. Optitune’s sales team is located in Asia and Europe. For further information please visit: www.optitune.com

VTT is a visionary research, development and innovation partner for companies and the society. We bring together people, business, science and technology to solve the biggest challenges of our time. This is how we create sustainable growth, jobs and wellbeing and bring exponential hope.

VTT is one of the leading research organisations in Europe, and we have 80 years of experience in cutting-edge research and science-based results. Our more than 2,000 professionals work to develop systemic and technological solutions that can bring about fundamental transformation. We promise to always think beyond the obvious.
For further information, please visit: www.vttresearch.com, www.printocent.net

Photo: PrintoCent pilot factory at VTT, Oulu, Finland

November 10th , 2022
Ari Kärkkäinen, CTO
Optitune Oy
Mobile: +358 40 517 2876
Email: ari.karkkainen@www.optitune.com