Bright, Strong, Sustainable and Flexible.

With environmentally thoughtful and rigorously managed chemistry, Optitune offers exciting functional possibilities for product designers and engineers on a mission to see beyond the ordinary.

In pursuit of price performance, reduced mass, and ease of use, many of the functional surfaces and devices that we have come to rely upon are being created or re-created using lightweight optical grade plastics in their design.

Optitune Foldable and Flexible materials can offer the highest levels of optical performance, abrasion resistance and opto-electronic properties for plastics ranging from Polyimide and Poly Carbonate through to PET.

Whether applied to a lightweight solar panel, a foldable electronic display, a flexible touch or a mission-critical optical sensor, Optitune flexible materials will increase performance, longevity and usability.

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    Optitune Oy - Nanotechnology for anti-reflective anti-scratch and anti-glare industrial coatings