About us

Optitune chemists and engineers are a determined team, intent on pushing the boundaries of possibility in terms of light transmission, surface management and durability.

Transparent functional surfaces have become ubiquitous in our lives; whether it is a window to protect us, a touch screen to inform us or a solar panel to power our lives; the clarity, feel and durability of these surfaces has become mission critical.

On metal, plastic and glass Optitune scientists are on a mission to achieve the perfect combination of zero reflection and zero surface degradation. …We have not achieved it yet, but one day we will… and on our journey we are creating the best optical performance, the most energy efficiency and the most durable surfaces possible.

If you can Imagine a window without reflection, or a surface that never scratches then you are starting to think like we do.

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    Optitune Oy - Nanotechnology for anti-reflective anti-scratch and anti-glare industrial coatings