Optitune TPD nanocoating receives C5-Medium (marine) corrosivity category according to ISO 12944 by Norwegian Research Institute


Oulu, Finland: Optitune innovative polysiloxane TPD nanocoating receives C5-Medium (marine) corrosivity category according to ISO 12944 after thorough testing performed by independent research institute in Norway – Kiwa, www.kiwa.com.  This achievement enables Optitune TPD nanocoating to be applied in broad industrial landscape, including marine and HVAC industries.


Optitune has developed a range of innovative siloxane-based polymer products which are designed to improve performance of metal surfaces”, – says Jody Paulus, CEO at Optitune Oy.  “The extremely robust coatings render surfaces anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, easy-to-clean and highly durable.  Optitune’s coatings portfolio covers applications ranging from electronic displays and touch panels to home appliances and kitchen accessories and with this approval adding new application areas in HVAC and marine industries.”


Testing of Optitune TPD nanocoating was conducted in accordance with ISO 9227:2017 containing Salt spray corrosion test in artificial atmospheres on electrogalvanized steel coil.  Results showed very good corrosion protection of surface by ultra-thin TPD layer after 720 hours of salt spray testing as defined in ISO 12944-2 indicating C5-Medium or C4-High level of corrosion protection.


Benefits to the market:

  • broad application area in HVAC industry for out-door and in-door ducts and ventilation pipes
  • longer durability and sustainable usage of final products coated with TPD nanocoating
  • possible application in marine industry where anti-corrosive surface features are of great importance
  • Outdoor steel constructions
  • Windmill blades
  • Street lighting especially near the sea



Along with Norwegian partners in HVAC industry, leading supplier of ducts – Ventistål AS and surface treatment specialist – Industrilakkering AS / NAST AS, Optitune is intended to set a firm footstep in Norwegian & Northern European ventilation market.


Optitune Oy has developed ultra-thin nanocoatings for metal, glass and plastic surfaces based on its proprietary polysiloxane technology. Optitune’s nanocoatings remain invisible to the naked eye, while providing best-in-class performance. The introduction of improved surface solutions in applications such as consumer electronics, home appliances, kitchen sinks and kitchen accessories can significantly increase the life cycle of these products and provide end user with clear values: durability, sustainability, and long-lasting visual beauty.

Optitune chemists and engineers are a determined team, intent on pushing the boundaries of possibility in terms of light transmission, surface management, and durability.  Optitune’s patent-protected product portfolio includes flexible plastic hard coats, metal and glass coatings, light management, and optoelectronics materials.  The nano-engineered optical coatings are developed and produced at Optitune’s facility in Oulu, Finland.  Optitune’s sales team is located in Asia and Europe.  For further information please visit: www.optitune.com

Ventistål AS: The company is represented by holding a position as a leading wholesaler with up to 50% market share in the Norwegian market for ventilation and other plumber-oriented products. Ventistål AS also supplements the Norwegian market with in-house production of ventilation-directed pipe systems as well as module-based accessory units. For further information please visit: www.ventistal.no

Industrilakkering AS is a significant player in surface technology in the Norwegian market and serves approx. 450,000 square meters of substrate per year, mainly for larger Norwegian industrial companies with ongoing orders. An advanced process facility is being developed for the surface technical treatment of thin sheet substrates aimed at sustainable HVAC purposes as well as other thin sheet related uses. Quality engineering aspects deal to a significant extent with increased resistance values for metal substrates in environments exposed to corrosiveness.  NAST AS: The company appears as an independent sub-unit of Industrilakkering AS with a similar ownership structure. The company was established taking into account technological process engineering development and raw material engineering development as well as a targeted market strategic approach for the products and services Industrilakkering AS performs in the Norwegian and other European markets. For more information please visit: www.nastnorway.com