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Our chemistry platform and material properties have relevance across multiple industries. Select your application area of interest to see if Optitune can help you.

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Our homes are filled with functional surfaces that really should perform better. Optitune coatings can render surfaces easier to clean, harder to scratch, better to touch, better to see through and safer to live with.

If it’s in your home, it's a part of your life, why compromise?
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    Extractor hood: Abrasion resistant, easy clean, invisible

    TPD500 forms a thin, highly transparent clear coat on metal surfaces in the kitchen that is resistant to scratches and thanks to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties is easy to clean from grease that accumulates from cooking.

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    Sink and Taps: Abrasion resistant, easy clean, invisible

    TPD500 coating provides excellent cleanability, reducing the formation of stains and fingerprints, while preventing scratches on the coated metal surface due to its hardness. The coating is invisible to the naked eye and feels natural to the touch.

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    Oven Front: Easy clean, no scratch, low reflection and high temperature resistance.

    TPD400 is a great choice for glass surfaces that need abrasion resistance and easy cleanability. It also has a high temperature stability, keeping its properties even in changing temperatures such as those found in ovens and stove tops.

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    Art Display Glass: Ultra-low reflection

    ARX forms a highly transparent and clear, thin coating over a glass and manages the behavior of light on glass surfaces, reducing reflections for the best viewing experience, while still being durable, resistant to scratches and easy to clean.

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    Architectural Glass: Easy clean, low reflection

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    Safer Glazing: UV filtration

    FleXHC-UV is a truly flexible hard coat which is highly effective at blocking ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As a film, FleXHC-UV can be applied to windows where it can block 99% of harmful UV light, making it ideal for shops, museums and other display areas.

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    Lighting: More efficient LED lighting

    LED lighting is already a great price-performance technology compared with its incandescent predecessor. That price performance can be significantly increased by the addition of high transmission materials to the inner surfaces.

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