Bright, Strong, Sustainable and Flexible.

With environmentally thoughtful and rigorously managed chemistry, Optitune offers exciting functional possibilities for product designers and engineers on a mission to see beyond the ordinary.

From interactive display to automotive battery casings, glass surfaces to brushed metal objects; Optitune offer an optical grade coating that protects from the elements, increases light transmission, greatly improves abrasion resistance and crucially offers a low friction tactile experience.

Often generically called AF (Anti-Fingerprint) materials, Optitune’s AF is anything but generic. By starting with the ultimate in light transmission as the key design criteria we have created a range of durable materials that are no compromise optical performers.

Optitune Abrasion Resistant and Easy Clean materials can often be used in conjunction with our Light Management materials to offer a highly tuned light management surface.

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    Optitune Oy - Nanotechnology for anti-reflective anti-scratch and anti-glare industrial coatings