Industrial & Energy Efficient Surfaces

Industrial & Energy Efficient Surfaces

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Our chemistry platform and material properties have relevance across multiple industries. Select your application area of interest to see if Optitune can help you.

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Maximum light energy, extreme durability, high levels of protection... and longevity. These are the key ingredients for some of the most critical surfaces of our age.

Energy Efficient and Truly Durable​.
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    Wind Turbine Blade: Low Friction hydrophobic hard coat

    TPD500 coating is an excellent choice for metal surfaces that come into contact with the elements and need more durability and hydrophobic qualities. The extremely thin TPD500 coating, less than 100 nm thick, is highly resistant to chemical and environmental exposure, including high humidity, salt corrosion, UV-light, and temperature changes without degradation of performance. The low friction of the coating reduces drag and repels water, making it suitable for wind turbine blades.

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    Solar Panel: Highest possible light energy collected

    ARX manages the behavior of light at glass surfaces, in some cases making 99% transmission possible, whilst still providing a surface that is durable enough to survive the rigors of continuous exposure to the elements. With the low refractive index of ARX-330, the efficiency of thermal solar modules can be improved with peak transmission increasing up to 98% for double-side coating. ARX-330 material is tuned for applications especially requiring good scratch resistance, increasing longevity of the panels.

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    Organic Solar: Energy efficient protection for Flexible PV

    FlexAR anti-reflection coat reduces glare and other light reflections in plastic applications that require flexible and low weight solutions. By improving the clarity and light transmittance of the coated material, FleXAR allows the solar power collector to increase efficiency and net important energy gains. The ease of which light passes through a material is critical to its efficiency and performance, making the FleXAR coating an excellent choice for those looking for improved solar panel performance and more sustainable solutions for their renewable energy needs.

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    Street Light: 12% Energy efficiency gain

    OptiLUX is a siloxane polymer solution designed as an Anti-Reflective (AR) easy-to-apply coating that enhance light transmittance and reduce back-reflection for a wide variety of lighting fixture materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, PMMA and polyester. OptiLUX allows Lighting and Luminaire manufacturers to achieve important energy savings through improved Lumen/Watt performance without sacrificing creative and functional design. By making lighting more efficient less energy can be used to achieve the same level of light.

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