Electronic Display

Electronic Display

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Our chemistry platform and material properties have relevance across multiple industries. Select your application area of interest to see if Optitune can help you.

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At home, work or play, our lives are powered by interactive electronic displays. Barely 5 minutes of any waking day passes without us individually creating or consuming information via electronic display.

A positive visual and tactile experience is crucial.
  • 1

    Tablet: Abrasion Resistant, easy clean, optically Clear

    View TPD400
  • 2

    Folding Mobile: Clarity, flexibility and durability

    View FleXFOLD
  • 3

    Wearable (headset): See the image and "See Beyond" the image

    View LIC
  • 4

    Whiteboard: Abrasion resistant, easy clean, optically clear

    View FleXHC
  • 5

    Whiteboard: Easy clean, low reflection

    View FleXAR
  • 6

    OLEDTV: Easy clean, low reflection

    View FleXAR
  • 7

    Tablet: Flexible dielectric internal overcoat

    View DSQ
  • 8

    OLEDTV: Curved or roll-able protection

    View FleXHC
  • 9

    Laptop Casing: Scratch resistant casing

    View TPD500
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