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At home, work or play, our lives are powered by interactive electronic displays. Barely 5 minutes of any waking day passes without us individually creating or consuming information via electronic display.

A positive visual and tactile experience is crucial.
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    Tablet: Abrasion Resistant, easy clean, optically Clear

    Developed specifically for Electronic Touch panel applications that are repeatedly touched, cleaned, and exposed to the elements, TPD400 coating does not hinder the functionality of the touch surface in any way and is completely unnoticeable, with excellent finger gliding properties.

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  • 2

    Folding Mobile: Clarity, flexibility and durability

    FleXFOLD forms highly transparent, optically clear and flexible hard coating, which is scratch and chemical resistant, easy to clean and has excellent optical properties. FleXFOLD is capable of withstanding dynamic folding with below one-millimeter radius and as such is ideal for foldable display and touch screen applications.

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    Wearable (headset): See the image and "See Beyond" the image

    LIC coating is ideal for Head Up Display, Optical Multi-Touch Display, Virtual Reality, and Smart Glass, having a very low refractive index and a thickness of less than 10 µm. The coating’s chemical functionality is controlled on molecular level yielding a homogeneous and durable coating structure.

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    Whiteboard: Abrasion resistant, easy clean, optically clear

    FleXHC forms highly transparent, optically clear and flexible hard coating on plastic surfaces. The coating also provides protection from chemicals and is easy to clean of smudges and stains, making cleaning marker pen traces easier.

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  • 5

    Whiteboard: Easy clean, low reflection

    FleXAR is a siloxane polymer solution designed to work as an easy-to-apply coating that enhances light transmittance and reduces unwanted reflections making whiteboards more readable. The easy to clean coating is suitable for plastics ranging from Polyimide and Poly Carbonate through to PET.

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    OLEDTV: Easy clean, low reflection

    FleXAR low reflection coating allows your screens and displays to have improved performance, usability, and durability, making them easy to clean as well. Due to a shared polymer platform used in all of Optitune’s coating products, FleXAR coating can be used in conjunction with our other products that offer increased abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning. The coating surface can be tuned to the manufacturer’s needs to provide the optical, tactile, and durable properties they want.

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  • 7

    Tablet: Flexible dielectric internal overcoat

    FleXDSQ is a one component solution designed to form highly transparent, electrically insulating layers on flexible plastic substrates. Its’ strengths are excellent photo-lithographic resolution, high transmission, hardness and excellent adhesion on various plastic substrates as well as on ITO.

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  • 8

    OLEDTV: Curved or roll-able protection

    Combining the seemingly contradictory properties of hardness and flexibility, FleXHC offers a superb solution for curved screens needing both durability and scratch resistance along with the bending qualities of the coating. Most of the commonly used plastics tend to scratch very easily and are susceptible to degrading by various chemicals. Optitune’s flexible hard coats can vastly improve the performance of plastics without sacrificing their flexibility or optical properties.

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  • 9

    Laptop Casing: Scratch resistant casing

    TPD500 coating provides excellent cleanability, reducing the formation of stains and fingerprints, while preventing scratches on the coated surface due to its hardness. The ultra-thin coatings furthermore enhance the touch feel of metal surfaces, feeling smooth and natural.

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