Optitune and sustainable development goals

Glass, metal and plastic surfaces are ubiquitous and essential in our everyday lives. Enhancing surface durability and optical performance of such materials is critical to extending the useful life and the energy efficiency of devices and constructions made of these materials.

Optitune has consistently held both ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification since 2016. Our quality management, production, research and development operations, are all covered by these certifications.

The annual ISO audits provide important and meaningful external validation and feedback for our management team to consider and effect. In accordance with the environmental management standard, Optitune has identified the risks and opportunities associated with our operations. The risks have been assessed, assigned, and resolved.

Risk accountability is an important principle in the management of our operations; a continuous and timetabled process of risk audit is set and adhered to for the measures and by persons responsible. Optitune’s products are environmentally friendly.

Our coating materials can be applied at low temperatures under normal atmospheric conditions, negating the need for expensive and environmentally damaging vapor deposition techniques. Throughout our development and production process, the laws and standards of environmental, occupational and product safety are rigorously adhered to.

We are happy to be a signatory in the network of The United Nations Global Compact. At the moment we aim to satisfy especially goals 7 and 12.


(Our products which respond to this goal)
Light management: FleXAR, ARX, OptiLUX, TPD400

The efficiency of Opto-Electronic devices is a direct function of the amount of light energy they can absorb or transmit. Optical surfaces treated with Optitune materials allow for a reduction in reflection and a corresponding increase in transmitted light energy, therefore we can increase the efficiency of a solar panel by allowing maximum light to pass through to the energy generative photo-voltaic cells at the heart of the panel. Conversely optically efficient coating on the surface of electronic display devices such as mobile phones can increase the outbound passage of light and therefore improve the brightness and readability of the screen thereby reducing the need for increased power consumption to drive up brightness.

In all cases a high abrasion resistance and water contact angle* are essential to the long-term maintenance of an optical surfaces ability to transmit light energy. Optitune materials can significantly increase the cleanability, scratch resistance and therefore useful life of most devices that rely upon the efficient transmission of light energy’

*Water contact angle is a measure analogous to the friction and slipperiness of a surface.


(Our products which respond to this goal)
Metal and glass coatings: TPD 500, TPD 400
Plastic coatings: FleXAR, FleXUV, FleXFOLD, FleXHC
Light management: FleXAR, ARX, LIC, OptiLUX
Opto-electronics: DSQ

Optitune’s research, polymerization and liquid concentrate production is managed at our ISO 1600/14001 registered facility in Finland. We adopt readily available coating techniques such as slot, spray and roll to roll. Our materials offer a genuine alternative to the capital intensive and environmentally damaging vacuum vapor deposition techniques.

Wherever possible we reduce our carbon footprint by shipping material in concentrate form for onward dilution locally. Our materials require relatively low temperature application and no special atmospheric conditions, except reasonable cleanliness.

In use, Optitune materials prolong the life and the efficiency of the underlying substrate, thereby increasing the price performance and the lifetime of devices that incorporate the materials.

Interview with CEO Jody Paulus on sustainability

Interview with production manager Matti Pesonen on sustainability

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