Optically Clear Dielectric Material for Flexible and Rigid Display Applications

FleXDSQ provides an optically clear, non-yellowing overcoat for the display industry. DSQ can be photolithographically patterned with high resolution feature sizes down to 10 um. Ideally suited to low temperature application on Flexible and rigid touch sensor assemblies.

Highly transparent photopaternable coating

FleXDSQ is a one component solution designed to form highly transparent, electrically insulating layers on flexible plastic substrates. With excellent adhesion to both ITO and plastic, FleXDSQ is the ideal material for multi-layer photopatterning processes. Extreme flexibility makes FleXDSQ the perfect material for next generation device concepts.

Main Applications

• OC1/OC2 for flexible sensors based on ITO

• Overcoat for flexible sensors based on AgNW

Technical Background

FleXDSQ is a negative tone photo-sensitive coating providing homogeneous and patterned coated structures. Its’ strengths are excellent photo-lithographic resolution, high transmission, hardness and excellent adhesion on various plastic substrates as well as on ITO.

Key Features

• Low temperature cure
• Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance
• Bending radius < 3mm • High transmission • Excellent lithographic resolution • Matched to KOH development system

How to Apply

FleXDSQ can be applied by using slot or spin coating processes. It is also applicable by roll to roll coating lines. The material can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements. The relatively low viscosity of the material can be adjusted to meet the conditions of a fully automated industrial coating line. Both I-line and broadband UV sources can be used for photopatterning (KOH developer
compatible). Gravure processes can also be used for patterning in a roll-to-roll
process. Drying can be achieved through a combination of heat, UV and where necessary, vacuum extraction.

Products for Display Industry

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