Light Guide Material

Provides an optically clear, planarized surface that will trap light in one plane whilst allowing full light transmission in alternate planes. Ideal for Head Up Display, Optical Multi-Touch Display, Virtual Reality, Smart Glass and printed Light-Circuit applications.

Low Refractive Index Optical Grade Light Guiding

LIC is a low refractive index coating which can be applied in a thickness (ca.1-5mm) deeming in suitable for application in optical cladding, while displaying excellent transparency and strong adhesion to various substrates. LIC can be applied via various coating techniques including roll-to-roll production. Material can be cured at room temperature and shows excellent thermal stability at temperatures exceeding 200°C. Perfect light distribution is achieved making it suitable for lamination in different display architectures.

Main Applications

• Optical Cladding
• Front-lit displays
• Optical touch
• Face recognition
• Other light guiding concepts


• Extremely low refractive index (ca. 1.3 @633nm)
• Excellent transmittance
• Broad thickness range (1-5 microns)
• Excellent thermal stability

Technical Background

Optitune’s patented siloxane nanomaterials result in a matrix, where the chemical functionality is controlled on molecular level yielding a homogeneous and durable coating structure.

How to Apply

LIC is a two-component solution. Typical application process for LIC is R2R coating followed by thermal curing. Both IR and convection oven heating are suitable for thermal curing.

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