Durable Easy Clean Hard Coat for Plastic Surfaces

From foldable touch screens to autonomous driving sensors; FleXHC provides the highest levels of light transmission, abrasion resistance, flexibility, optical clarity and cleanability. FleXHC is a siloxane polymer solution designed for plastic substrates. FleXHC is available as a coated PET-film, and as a liquid ready-to-coat solution. FleXHC forms highly transparent, optically clear and flexible hard coating on substrates like PET films. The coating is scratch resistant, easy to clean and has excellent optical properties. FleXHC is ideal for touch screen applications, but is also a great choice anywhere flexible, clear, and abrasion resistant coatings are needed.

Truly Flexible and Bendable Hard Coat

Combining the seemingly contradictory properties of hardness and flexibility, FleXHC offers a superb solution for applications needing both durability and scratch resistance along with the bending qualities of the coating. The coating also provides protection from chemicals and is easy to clean of smudges and stains.

Main Applications

• Touchscreens
• Cover glass replacements
• Appliance overlays
• Automotive films
• Flexible electronics overcoats

Key features

• Scratch resistant
• Easy-to-clean – smudge resistant
• Superb optical clarity
• Excellent visual outlook
• Glass-like surface
• Superior chemical resistance
• Truly flexible and bendable

Technical Background

Plastics are everywhere due to their light weight and design flexibility. However, most of the commonly used plastics ranging from Polyimide and Poly Carbonate through to PET tend to scratch very easily and are susceptible to degrading by various chemicals. Optitune’s flexible hard coats can vastly improve these issues observed in plastics without sacrificing their flexibility or optical properties. FleXHC is truly flexible and bendable, while also having enough hardness to resist formation of scratches. The coating is easy to clean and transforms the plastic screen into a glass-like surface.

How to Apply

The solution is applied as a single-layer coating by using roll-to-roll (R2R) or sheet coating process followed by thermal and UV curing steps. Coating can be carried out using slot/die, gravure, reverse gravure, bar, or other means of coating. Optitune’s coating materials can be applied at low temperatures under normal atmospheric conditions. After the final thermal curing, a stabile coating performance is achieved. R2R processing enables coating in high volumes whereas sheet processing is easily set up for small series production and R&D purposes.

Data Sheet - FleXHC16 Data Sheet - FleXHC32

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