Low Reflection Coating for Plastic Surfaces

FleXAR allows display, lighting, and light fixture manufacturers to achieve clarity through enhanced light transmittance, and important energy savings by improving Lumen/Watt performance without sacrificing creative functional design. FlexAR anti-reflection coat reduces glare and other light reflections in plastic applications that require flexible and low weight solutions. By using FleXAR low reflection coating your screens and displays will have improved performance, usability, and durability. The coating is suitable for plastics ranging from Polyimide and Poly Carbonate through to PET. FleXAR is available as a coated PET-film, and as a liquid ready-to-coat solution. The coating’s anti-glare properties are useful in a multitude of applications that require readability in strong light conditions, such as direct sunlight.

Anti-reflective coating

FleXAR is a siloxane polymer solution designed to work as an easy-to-apply coating that enhances light transmittance and reduces unwanted reflections in a wide variety of lighting and display applications. A truly flexible coating that can be applied to various suitable purposes, FleXAR allows plastic display, lighting, and light fixture manufacturers to achieve enhanced clarity and important energy savings through improved Lumen/Watt performance without sacrificing creative functional design. By improving the clarity and light transmittance of the screen or display, FleXAR allows the device to use less power for the same visible results, increasing energy savings. The ease of which light passes through a material is critical to its efficiency and performance, making the FleXAR coating an excellent choice for those looking for energy cost savings and more sustainable solutions for their display needs.

Main Applications

• Flexible Displays
• Automotive Infotainment Systems
• Lighting Fixtures / Luminaires

Key features

• Truly flexible coating
• Cost savings through improved energy efficiency
• Easy to apply requiring low curing temperatures

Technical Background

Planar, stepped, curved or even bendable displays and infotainment systems always require more brightness, clarity, and efficiency with lower power consumption. Optitune FleXAR delivers exceptional optical properties to the plastic materials that are necessary to achieve such light weight and complex designs. Due to a shared polymer platform used in all of Optitune’s coating products, FleXAR coating can be used in conjunction with our other products that offer abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning. The coating surface can be tuned to provide the optical, tactile, and durable properties that the manufacturer wants, and which their products need. The flexible quality of the coating allows it to be used in applications that have bending properties. By optimizing the thickness and refractive index of the Optitune optical material coat, we are able to tune the variables of light reflection, guidance, and capture to offer the best anti-glare coating solution in the market. .

How to Apply

Ideally, FleXAR is applied by using roll-to-roll tool with slot die coating process followed by a simple thermal cure. Optitune’s coating materials can be applied at low temperatures under normal atmospheric conditions. FleXAR coating material is available as a liquid ready-to-coat solution, which can be applied on one or both sides of the substrate. Thermal cure temperatures required for FleXAR are low, having an added bonus of lower power consumption. FleXAR is also available as ready-coated plastic sheet, giving the manufacturer the option of deciding the shape and dimensions of the usable coated surface themselves. The ready-coated film is especially useful for small series production and R&D purposes.

Data Sheet - FleXAR

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