Scratch-Resistant, Easy-to-Clean Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces

With environmentally thoughtful and rigorously managed chemistry, Optitune offers exciting functional possibilities for product designers and engineers on a mission to see beyond the ordinary. From interactive display to automotive battery casings, glass surfaces to brushed metal objects; Optitune offer an optical grade coating that protects from the elements, increases light transmission, greatly improves abrasion resistance and crucially offers a low friction tactile experience.
Often generically called AF (Anti-Fingerprint) materials, Optitune’s AF is anything but generic. Optitune’s TPD500 is a one-component solution forming a thin, highly transparent clear-coat on metal substrates. It’s based on nanotechnology and provides easy-to-clean properties with excellent scratch resistance.


  • Consumer electronics (i.e. notebook covers, tablets)

  • Kitchen and bathroom appliances (i.e. faucets, worktops)

  • Equipments in industry

  • Automotive

  • And more...


  • Very good easy-to-clean properties and smudge removability

  • Reduces the formation of stains, scratches and fingerprints

  • Very smooth finger sliding properties

  • Extremely high abrasion resistance and environmental durability

  • High hardness

  • Fllexible

  • Stable in the long term

  • Easy applicable single-layer coating.