Maximum Efficiency for LED Lighting

LED lighting is already a great price-performance technology compared with its incandescent predecessor. That price performance can be significantly increased by the addition of high transmission materials to the inner surfaces of the lighting luminaire.

Anti-Reflective coating for light enhancement

OptiLUX is a siloxane polymer solution designed as a Anti-Reflective (AR) easy-to-apply coating that enhance light transmittance and reduce back-reflection for a wide variety of lighting fixture materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, PMMA and polyester. OptiLUX allows Lighting and Luminaire manufacturers to achieve important energy savings through improved Lumen/Watt performance without sacrificing creative functional design. OptiLUX can be coated using spray or dip coating methods and requires low curing temperatures. OptiLUX coating enhances light transmittance over a broad wavelength range.

Main Applications

• Lighting Fixtures / Luminaires

Key Features

• Increased Luminous efficacy 8-10%
• Improved lumen / watt performance
• Reduce energy consumption
• Cost savings through improved energy efficiency
• Easy to apply and requires low curing temperatures

How to Apply

The Solution is applied as a single-layer coating by using roll-to-roll (R2R)or sheet coating process followed by thermal curing steps. Coating can be carried out using slot/die, gravure, reverse, gravure, bar or other means of coating. After final curing, a stabile coating performance is achieved. R2R processing enables coating in high volumes whereas sheet processing is easily set up for small series production and R&D purposes.

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