Durable Easy Clean and UV Barrier for Plastic Surfaces

Most organic matter need protection from the Ultraviolet element of light, whether it is human skin, an automotive component or a flexible optical film.

Enhanced Flexible Hard Coat with UV Blocking

FleXHC-UV is a siloxane polymer solution designed for plastic substrates. It is a truly flexible hard coat which is highly effective at blocking ultraviolet (UV) radiation. FleXHC-UV combines excellent optical and mechanical properties with great resistance to various chemicals. FleXHC-UV is recommended for outdoor applications where UV exposure typically causes yellowing, print fade and overall material degradation.

As a film, FleXHC-UV can be applied to windows where it can block 99% of harmful UV light, making it ideal for shops, museums and other display areas.

Key Features

• Scratch resistant
• Easy-to-clean – smudge resistant
• Retention of UV blocking capability for at least 5 years in outdoor applications
• Superior durability in outdoor applications
• Excellent visual outlook
• Truly flexible and bendable
• Glass-like surface
• Provides superior abrasion, humidity and solvent resistance

How to Apply

The solution is applied as a single layer coating by using roll-to roll (R2R) or sheet coating process followed by thermal and UV curing steps. Coating can be carried out using slot/die, gravure, reverse gravure, bar or other means of coating. After final curing, a stable coating performance achieved. R2R processing enables coating in high volumes whereas sheet processing is easily setup for small series production and R&D purposes.

Data Sheet - FleXUV

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