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TPD500 Scratch-Resistant, Easy-to-Clean Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces

Optitune’s TPD500 is a one-component manufacturer solution forming a thin, highly transparent clear-coat on metal substrates. It’s based on nanotechnology and provides easy-to-clean properties with excellent scratch resistance.


  • Consumer Electronics (i.e. . Notebook Covers, Tablets)
  • Kitchen And Bathroom (I.E. Faucets, Worktops)
  • Home Appliances


  • Easy-to-clean Properties and Smudge Removability
  • Reduces Formation of Stains, Scratches & Fingerprints
  • Very Smooth Finger Sliding Properties
  • Extremely High Abrasion Resistance And Environmental Durability
  • Stable In The Long Term
  • Easy Applicable Single-layer Coating.

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