Smaller, faster, lighter... and powered up for longer.

That is the mantra of today's electronics industry.

Optitune scientists can provide our clients with bespoke Optoelectronic coatings; they are applied directly to the surface of silicon componentry and glass substrate in atmospheric conditions, without the need to accommodate high temperature baking treatment or vacuum vapour procedures in the manufacturing process. Therefore, wastage and production cost is greatly reduced.

Optitune provide photo-paternable, dielectric and passivation coatings, which reduce material consumption and increase power utilisation.

The high quality optical and non-discoloration properties of the Optitune Nano polymers also make possible the realisation of an extremely high quality colour filter and touch sensor, at a price and reliability point that is essential for the rapidly growing consumer touch-screen market.

Optitune can uniquely create a hybrid colour filter and touch sensor coatings; again applied at low temperature in atmospheric conditions via multiple coating methods. Combining such coatings on the inside of a touch panel assembly along with Optitune's high quality antireflective and anti fingerprint cover glass coating on the outside makes it possible to achieve a lighter, brighter and less power hungry single layer touch screen device.

Optitune... see beyond.

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