Optitune nano-science; revolutionary coating technology offering cost effective and environmentally friendly light management solutions for the Solar, Touchscreen, Electronics and Construction industries.

Tunable Characteristics
of Optitune nano-engineered coatings

The chart below shows the key elements that Optitune scientists are able to customise to create a nano polymer coating that is tailored to specific requirements.
  1. Light transmission Rates

    Light transmission is critical to the performance of all transparent surfaces. The greater the transmission the lower the reflection level.

  2. Surface hardness

    An essential element of any high performance coating is its ability to withstand scratching and abrasion.

  3. Water contact angle

    A measure of how easily the coating repels water and weather related soiling; dirty solar glass does not perform well.

  4. Human Grease/Oil contact angle

    The extent to which a touchscreen or transparent surface sheds human finger marking.

  5. Polymer Surface

    Glass is tactile especially touchscreen glass. Apart from being anti reflective and anti smudge it also has to feel smooth to the touch.

  6. Dielectric capabilities

    A measure of how well the coating layers will insulate or conduct electricity, essential in touchscreen and electronic applications.

  7. Adhesion

    How strong is the bond between the nano coating and the substrate? Once applied the coating must not come off during the expected useful life of the product.


The scientists at Optitune have created a thin film polymer that can be bonded to the surface of the substrate in atmospheric conditions via spray, dip, slot, spin or roll-to-roll coating methods.

The surface of the Optitune polymer can be engineered to be harder than the substrate itself, where environmental applications demand such hardness.

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Furthermore, the molecular structure of the Optitune coating can be 'tuned' for our customers' requirements to exhibit individual or a combination of desired characteristics from a single coating, such as anti-smudge combined with anti-reflective for touch screen cover glass, or anti-reflective and super hard characteristics for the environmental solar industry.



What good is a high-resolution touchscreen if you can't see what is displayed upon it? Optitune technology provides an elegant solution to the combined problems of fingerprints and excessive reflection on touchscreen cover glass.

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Thermal and Photovoltaic Solar efficiency is all about light. Optitune coatings achieve breakthrough levels of available light and hardness in a cost effective easy to apply polymer.

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Designed to be applied directly to the surface of silicon and glass, Optitune anti-reflective, dielectric and photo patterning capabilities improve device effectiveness, and facilitate the creation of a high performance touch sensor.

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Construction glass

Optitune coatings enable complex manipulation of light and heat at the surface of construction and architectural glass, in order to facilitate passive ambient temperature management of the building.

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About us

Optitune is a cleantech company of Finnish origin with R&D and manufacturing capabilities in Oulu, Finland.

Our mission

To create a family of high performance coatings that can be applied equally well to glass, silicon and plastic substrates. Optitune coatings offer greatly improved efficiency, usability and power usage characteristics for the Touch Panel, Solar, Electronics and Construction glass markets.

Optitune coatings are applied at low temperatures and under normal atmospheric conditions, thereby eliminating the need for the environmentally damaging and expensive vapour deposition batch procedures that are usual in today's performance coatings industry.

Optitune's anti-reflective, passivation and anti-smudge coatings achieve industry-leading levels of performance; yet reduce the cost of application by up to 80%. Our scientists are working in partnership with some of the world leading glass, electronic and engineering companies to make large scale, large panel coating an affordable reality.

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